STAND OUT! BE YOURSELF!! This is what drives BE YOU Brands.

BE YOU Brands was created with the mission of empowering diversity and supporting brands and companies that do so! We are committed to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship! We love working with companies who want to power their brand and support diversity and inclusion. There is no better way to strengthen your brand and show all your customers you are committed to inclusion than to partner with a LGBTQ+ company that helps grow your brand through effective marketing solutions.

We have all heard the line “you need to love yourself first before…” and BE YOU Brands is all about YOU loving yourself and being comfortable with who you are! Our founders, Scott and Rob, are passionate about supporting pride causes and decided to launch this company to fill a void. There just are not that many LGBTQ+-owned companies who do what we do as well as we do! Today, companies and organizations want to support diversity and inclusion. And they want to ensure their brand touches all their audiences. BE YOU Brands can help you accomplish both.

Scott and Rob have been in the print, swag, and apparel business for decades. Together, they have over 50 years of expertise in the marketing services industry. Scott grew up in a small town in one of the most conservative counties in Ohio. As a result, Scott followed the path of others before him…he was married at 21, had two kids, and ignored feelings that he had over the years that made him uncomfortable. Sound familiar! After 15 years of marriage, Scott was able to be his true self and come out to a supportive family and group of friends. Today he has a great relationship with his ex, is a proud father, and an even prouder grandfather. Scott is an operations executive and is a leader in the office products, printing, and promotional products industries. His expertise in ecommerce and warehousing and fulfillment solutions will bring great value to BE YOU customers.

Rob Whitman is a serial entrepreneur and sales leader who has been in the marketing services industry since he graduated college. He has led several enterprises in the print, apparel, and branded merch industry. Rob is a fierce ally of LGBTQ+ causes. As the parent of a gay child, Rob wants to contribute to the community through inclusive marketing and branding solutions, so although his path is different than Scott’s, they are both equally passionate about supporting inclusion marketing.

One day three years ago, Scott and Rob were traveling to visit a client. During the drive they had deep conversation about their personal lives, their upbringing, their families, and political and social experiences. It took a while for them to uncover their common ground and they laughed at how silly it was that it took so long for them to be open…hence the birth of BE YOU Brands.

Be yourself.

Be confident.

Be proud.



The national organization which supports LGBTE owned business and entrepreneurship, the NGLCC, has certified        Be You Brands!

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